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Automobiles that Rock Your World!

my chevy novaThis page is going to focus on all sorts of automobiles including affordable towing services that you will need in case you ever have trouble with your wheels.

Being that we all drive an auto or rely on them for transportation at some point in your life, it makes sense that so many people get caught up in collecting posters, photos and the cars themselves.

As a newbie when it comes to learning about automobiles, it can be a little overwhelming to say the least.

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Remember the First Time you Wrecked?

Dodge-Super-Bee-WreckedBeing a lover of cars, I know that it is like losing a beloved pet or, to stretch it just a wee bit, losing a family member when you get in a wreck with your favorite car.

Although, I suppose if you are a fan of the Demo Derby then maybe a wreck is exciting!

Speaking of Demolition Derbies.  Have you ever seen one?  They are crazy fun.

There is dirt flying all over the place, people running around very slow moving cars that keep bashing into one another, smoke and fire.

I’m not much of a country person but man….when you go to that State Fair, it’s demo derby time. Tow trucks around every corner ready to go to work on the next wreck.

There’s a reason you hear a bunch of yelling, oohhh and ahhhs from the bandstand.

So I was thinking the other day about a wreck I had.  It was one of those “fender benders”.

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The Diesel Truck VS. The Regular Driver

smoke-truckI don’ t know how you drive, but tend to mix it up a bit. From staying ahead of the rat pack to just cruisin’ and smoozin’, it really depends on my situation before I hit that road how I drive when I’m on the road.

I’ve had the privilege of riding in many vehicles from monster trucks to your local tow truck service but I’ve never been a big rig truck driver (Speaking of which….how COOL would it BE if someone made a Diesel Truck Limousine?)  OMG!  That would be super awesome.

Can you imagine how many friends you could fit in a truck limo?  It would be huge!  You could have your whole stinkin wedding party AND the other guy’s in it! I’m going to have to write that one down and remember when I’m a millionaire to make a diesel truck limousine.  I’ll call it “DEEEEEEZZZZZZ   El TRUCK Limos”   Why not? Right?

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New Cars

Times have changed a lot in the auto world.  Thought I would talk about some of the new vehicles that I like right now.

tesla-model-s1.  Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S has been available since 2012.  It is one of the first all electric luxury vehicles to be produced.  I has a range of 265 miles on a single charge which equates an epa of 89 miles per gallon if converted to fuel miles.  It was voted 2013 greenest vehicle of the year.  The popularity of this vehicle has increased year after year.  This vehicle is truly remarkable. All the leading technology this vehicle has in it is amazing.  The global sales have increased year after year.  Nearly doubling every year.

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Classic Autos

Some of the older cars are the greatest.  Thought I would talk a little about some of my favorite classics of all time on this page.

1966 Ford Mustang1.   1966 Ford Mustang

This is a great looking vehicle.  One of the all time classics.  This is one of the first generations of mustangs.  It was part of the introduction of the pony vehicle from Ford.  It had a long hood and a short body.  Many people found this particular style to very appealing.  The 1966 mustang came as a hard top, a convertible and a fast back.  The engine displacement was a 289 (hipo) v8 producing 225 hp.  This may have not been the most horsepower engine on the market, but with the lighter weight and smaller size of the mustang it quickly became popular in the racing world.  The lighter weight of the vehicle compensated for the less horse power.  The transmission came in an automatic and a 4 speed manual (often referred to as four on the floor).  It is one of my favorite classic vehicles.  Continue reading