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Classic Autos

Some of the older cars are the greatest.  Thought I would talk a little about some of my favorite classics of all time on this page.

1966 Ford Mustang1.   1966 Ford Mustang

This is a great looking vehicle.  One of the all time classics.  This is one of the first generations of mustangs.  It was part of the introduction of the pony vehicle from Ford.  It had a long hood and a short body.  Many people found this particular style to very appealing.  The 1966 mustang came as a hard top, a convertible and a fast back.  The engine displacement was a 289 (hipo) v8 producing 225 hp.  This may have not been the most horsepower engine on the market, but with the lighter weight and smaller size of the mustang it quickly became popular in the racing world.  The lighter weight of the vehicle compensated for the less horse power.  The transmission came in an automatic and a 4 speed manual (often referred to as four on the floor).  It is one of my favorite classic vehicles.  Continue reading