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The Diesel Truck VS. The Regular Driver

smoke-truckI don’ t know how you drive, but tend to mix it up a bit. From staying ahead of the rat pack to just cruisin’ and smoozin’, it really depends on my situation before I hit that road how I drive when I’m on the road.

I’ve had the privilege of riding in many vehicles from monster trucks to your local tow truck service but I’ve never been a big rig truck driver (Speaking of which….how COOL would it BE if someone made a Diesel Truck Limousine?)  OMG!  That would be super awesome.

Can you imagine how many friends you could fit in a truck limo?  It would be huge!  You could have your whole stinkin wedding party AND the other guy’s in it! I’m going to have to write that one down and remember when I’m a millionaire to make a diesel truck limousine.  I’ll call it “DEEEEEEZZZZZZ   El TRUCK Limos”   Why not? Right?

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