Automobiles that Rock Your World!

my chevy novaThis page is going to focus on all sorts of automobiles including affordable towing services that you will need in case you ever have trouble with your wheels.

Being that we all drive an auto or rely on them for transportation at some point in your life, it makes sense that so many people get caught up in collecting posters, photos and the cars themselves.

As a newbie when it comes to learning about automobiles, it can be a little overwhelming to say the least.

Where do you start?

I can tell you that I started when my first car’s clutch went out.  Yeah…my Chevy Nova.

Now that wasn’t cool at all but I still decided to learn about cars when that happened.

Let’s talk about that badass Nova.

When the clutch went out, I was driving it.  I remember pounding my foot so hard against the floor of the car just hoping to make it…and I did…to the Barnes And Noble parking lot.

Ahh…Barnes and Noble.  It was my favorite place to go as a yute (as my spouse would say).

I would go on Friday nights and check out all the new things.  I loved the coffee shop and the smell of coffee but I hated the taste of coffee.

I wasn’t a party person at all. I usually would just go to enjoy the scene and see who was around.  And then while others were leaving to go to the Friday night Party spot, me and my Chevy Nova chilled at the book store.

I would go in and look at ART books and quickly sketch work of famous artists and take notes of color placement then I would run to my Nova, who was holding my pastels, and I’d get out my working materials.

rock your worldYou think I’m kidding?

I’m so totally not.

I gave myself the mission of teaching the world (that world anyways) about artists.

It was much better than going to a party and I really got to enjoy my weekend evenings.

People appreciated it and loved that it was so big. (I made the sidewalk art HUGE)

I’m a HUGE artist.  I like to make things that get attention.  I’ve just always been that way.

Ok back to the Chevy Nova…So why is it one that Rocked my world?

Because even after the clutch broke, after the brakes went out and even after the windshield wiper motor stopped working (and I learned to replace it with my own two hands), that car saved my life in an ice storm.

You can’t ask for a much better car than that can you?

LIfe saving is definitely a desirable feature of an automobile don’t ya think?

I wonder if limos can do what my little nova was able to do.  Limos kind of scare me because they dont’ even have seat belts…or do they??

So..I guess I could start our my first couple posts about the cool cars that I’ve owned, OR about one that I want to own!

It will be an interesting journey to see where this post goes!