Remember the First Time you Wrecked?

Dodge-Super-Bee-WreckedBeing a lover of cars, I know that it is like losing a beloved pet or, to stretch it just a wee bit, losing a family member when you get in a wreck with your favorite car.

Although, I suppose if you are a fan of the Demo Derby then maybe a wreck is exciting!

Speaking of Demolition Derbies.  Have you ever seen one?  They are crazy fun.

There is dirt flying all over the place, people running around very slow moving cars that keep bashing into one another, smoke and fire.

I’m not much of a country person but man….when you go to that State Fair, it’s demo derby time. Tow trucks around every corner ready to go to work on the next wreck.

There’s a reason you hear a bunch of yelling, oohhh and ahhhs from the bandstand.

So I was thinking the other day about a wreck I had.  It was one of those “fender benders”.

I was driving a Red Mercury Tracer at the time (that stinkin car kicked ass!)  and the guy in front of me slammed on his brakes.   (I have to tell you…brake slammers really piss me off)

Anyways….he had an SUV and I had the Tracer.  I’m sure you know who lost in that battle.

HIs SUV didn’t have a single scratch on it. Me?  Completely f’ed up.   Know what I’m sayin?

It was my first “wreck”  and I learned what a fender bender was because, indeed, my fender was bent and needed replaced.  Did you even know that a fender is a real thing?  It is.  crazy….and so begins my knowledge building of cars.

Speaking of building knowledge about cars.  Do you know how limousines are built?

It is the most simple thing that has blown my mind recently!   (Don’t make fun…or I’ll limosize your head)

So…check this out.  They take a car, (say like a ….Ford Excursion SUV) and they SLICE it in half. Head and Body Separation. (Very murderous)

Anyways, they slice it in half and then they add all this support and literally weld and build a LONG STRETCH in between the front and the back.

So limousines ARE NOT made in  a FACTORY!   Did you know that?  I bet you didn’t!  They are totally customized.

Tell me that’s not he coolest thing you’ve heard since eating salsa off your skinny chips last night?

You know I’m right.

So…when you think about wrecks or if you get in a wreck next time, remember that it’s ok to cry and then think about how you can work your little adventure into a limo making experience.

Tell me how cool would it be if someone hit your Hummer and you had to slice it in half to make a Hummer Limousine?   Damn that would totally suck right?  NOT!

Wrecks are adventures of finding new ways to look at things.  Enjoy your next wreck. I hope it helps you grow into an extraordinary person.

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